Wandering through Camden

Walking down from Regents canal and passing the Pirates castle, I decided to get my camera out as I neared the main high street. Camden is full of small bits of graffiti that if you’re not watching you might walk right by. My eye was caught by this piece and I loved its relation with the cctv camera and the fire door, it just made a lovely compliment to each other. I knew when I took it I wanted it to be high contrast b&w and it seems to have paid off! It might be my favourite picture from the walk.


From small to large, the graffiti in Camden is baller. dsc_1846

Just a lovely colour shot. I found a door that led to a flight of stairs, so I ducked in while a woman was having a cig outside it. Up and up I went till I found a little balcony with the door open, I stepped out and found myself above Camden Lock. It was a perspective that was very new to me, and it was really interesting to be above the bustle of the busy high street and to be completely unnoticed by those below. dsc_1853dsc_1857

Anyway, heading back down, I started to feel more comfortable snapping while I was walking and I was finding it easier to find a shot, frame a shot and take it all within a few seconds. Even getting the f/stop somewhere near what I wanted for a blown out background on the bottom image.



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